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A business plan (BP) is a paper that presents a certain idea, the way it will be implemented, and what it takes to do it. Any entrepreneur who wants to have his or her company running has to have a BP.

No architect starts building a skyscraper without blueprints and calculations. Otherwise, the building eventually falls apart and damages everyone who was involved in a project execution and put time and money into it. In the case of a company, a BP is a lifesaving blueprint that helps to keep businesses from major failures.

Every successful company has started from a BP or, in case it was lucky enough to get going without one, created it later to have a clear vision of the next steps that have to be taken to continue growing and prospering. Therefore, if you are a newbie in a business world, you need to have a really good plan to survive in highly competitive market conditions.

There are numerous types of BPs. Each one has to be thought-out and organized extremely well. Whether you write it for yourself, or to attract partners and investors, you need to prepare it as if your life depends on it. You future definitely does, so it is important to know the things you have to consider. This outline will help you not only to structure the paper or a presentation, but also to understand and research key elements that will make up your business:

Executive summary – shortly overviews the entire work, mentioning only key points and focusing on the details that are the most important to present.

Company Summary – describes the company, presents the name, the logo, the location, and the story behind the idea.

Product/Service – tells readers what you are selling; shows the problem you are solving for your customers and the way you do it.

Market analysis – presents your research of the market, main competitors, and shows how you fit the niche.

Strategy – indicates the actions you will be taking to run a company and serve the clients.

Management – presents the team that will execute the plan and proves their credibility by providing a description of their professional background.

Risks – expose possible problems that can occur at the implementation stage and your ways of avoiding or coping with them.

Milestones – determine goals and exact dates they will be achieved.

Finances – show approximate expenses and expected revenue, justifying each point with calculations and explanations.

Appendices – include information or calculations that can be referred to in a plan, but are too cumbersome to be included in the body of the paper.

All these sections are important to consider if you want to implement your idea confidently and qualitatively. However, not all parts should necessarily be in your BP. It is crucial to adjust it to the intended audience, and you may exclude some of the points if your readers find them redundant. It is recommended to examine each section in details for yourself and make notes or a draft of a business plan essay, so to say, to get a glance of a big picture and have some material to write the plan you need afterward.

You can look up BPs of large and prosperous companies to understand how they have executed their ideas. Some of them will help you organize and present your plan better, and understand what parts you might be missing.

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Do you have everything to build a successful business? If you do not have a BP, then the answer is negative. No smart person would put money and effort into a project that has no future. And how can you know it does if you have not thought about it in details?

Every entrepreneur has an idea. However, even the best idea is useless without a good implementation plan. Business is all about execution, not a concept, and, therefore, if you want your employees, partners, and investors believe that you are a real businessperson, you need a solid plan.

“What can help me with my business plan?” you may ask. A set of the understandable and smart guidelines from the specialists, of course! For your convenience, has gathered the most useful tips to show you the best way to write a business plan.

The thing all of the BPs start with is an executive summary. However, it is better to start writing it when you already have all important information on the paper and are ready to recap it. This section is considered one of the most significant as this is the first, and often the last thing people see while reading a plan. If you are trying to attract investors, you need to understand that you are not the only entrepreneur who is trying to do it, and investors do not have time to read all twenty pages of your plan. The only thing that can tell them about your idea briefly is an executive summary, and if it looks appealing and convincing, your papers get into the “yes” pile and may even be read fully afterward. Therefore, if you want to make a good first impression and stand out in the crowd of other ventures, you have to spend a decent amount of time preparing a great executive summary.

Another thing important to focus on is a product or a service you will be selling. It is crucial to prove that people actually need what you offer, and you will be able to make money out of it. The good you are selling has to solve a certain problem on the market in a way no one has done it before. You have to present a demand, solutions that other companies have, and finally show yours and demonstrate how exactly they are different and better than the others.

The market analysis will also prove the information you are presenting with the help of numbers and examples. This is a section, which shows that your idea is actual, and the whole project is feasible and will be profitable for you, your partners and investors if they contribute. Here you have to focus on the market and the place you are planning to take in it. It is important to show the key competitors and the ways you are going to turn their assaults back, to make everyone believe that your company will be compatible enough to survive and prosper even under the worst circumstances.

Most of the investors will also want to see your strategy. It has to include your daily operations to serve clients and maintain the whole company. You may want to make a separate operational BP that will explain how you are planning to run a company in details and present even elementary actions that will be taken by each member of your team daily.

Also, you have to show the goals you are willing to achieve and the ways you are going to make it. Present the milestones and describe each one with numbers, dates, and examples, to make it evident that you see your company’s future and know what you will do to bring aims to life. It will be great if you include possible risks and then explain how you will deal with them. This information will show that you have researched the market properly and are ready to enter it.

The section that most entrepreneurs find the hardest is finances. Some of them are either failing to present realistic data or trying too hard to calculate everything precisely. The truth is that numbers you will get after calculations will not be accurate. It is impossible to predict actual expenses and revenue.

However, it does not mean you have to leave them out. Finance is a language of business, and you need to speak it fluently to be a good entrepreneur. As you cannot just play with numbers and make wild guesses, it is better to have info that will slightly differ from real, but will still help you on your way of building your own company. Implementing a BP is never cheap, and if you are attracting investors, they have to see how you will spend their money and if they can expect income from your project.

The section that many investors find extremely important is management. Here, you have to present the team that will help you implement your project. These have to be credible specialists with professional background and outstanding abilities.

Usually, a great team is a key to successful project implementation. Therefore, you have to present people, who will play the main role in a project execution, in the best light. If some of them worked in well-known companies or have stellar qualifications, this information will get you a sympathy of numerous investors. If some of them have only skills to show, try to present such people as geniuses with fresh and creative approaches.

As you can see, it is extremely hard to write a great BP, especially, if you have not done it before. However, your time and efforts will pay off in spades, as there is a better chance that your idea will work and make you rich if you think the execution through. If you want to speed up the process and focus on the things you find more important, willing to find a specialist to “write my business plan for me”, leave the paperwork to professionals. Let experts make your BP perfect and help your dreams come to life.


Starting own business is never an easy task. It is important to think about many details beforehand and consider most of the problems that may occur. That is exactly when a business plan comes handy. It is an on-paper strategy that helps to predict the success of a project. However, writing a paper for twenty or even thirty pages is extremely time-consuming. It may just slow you down and take precious months you could have used to build a company.

The best way to be original, creative, and speed the process up is writing a one-page BP. It is very dynamic and can be updated in a day, as the business evolves really fast.

“What can help me write a business plan for one page successfully?” Most certainly, a detailed outline. And, regardless of the purpose of writing, a few main things have to be included:

Company’s summary (specifies what you sell, to whom and what problem do you solve for the customers).

Money aspect (shows prices and funding needs).

Market (specifies the target market, its size, competitors and your benefits).

Team (presents the key team members).

Problems & Solutions (reveals the possible challenges and the ways to overcome them).

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There is a great percentage of new companies failing to survive their first year on the market. The ones that stay have a great chance of collapsing in their third and fifth year. Also, some of them may have an extremely small or even zero revenue. And the main reason of such unfortunate situations is a badly elaborated business plan.

It is important to understand what kind of BP is needed to start a certain project. Sometimes, it is important to make it big, when the company promises to be huge and accomplish plenty of tasks. But when it does not, there is no need to bury yourself under the piles of papers. The one-page BP is great if an entrepreneur wants to get to the actual work faster. It still has to be thought-out the same as an ordinary one would be. You may take notes to remember every point of it and afterward, generate a simple, focused plan.

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In order to understand how to structure a paper, it is crucial to know the purpose of writing it, especially when it comes to one-page business plan. There is no basic template, which can help you outline the work properly when you do not know the reason for writing it. Therefore, it is important to decide beforehand.

Usually, one-page plans are being written for investors. They are extremely busy people, who are short on time, so when your presentation is brief and exact, it is a win for everybody. The main thing you have to focus on in such case is a significance of your brand and the income. Investors want to know that they will profit from your project, and the money is not wasted vainly. Therefore, the financials have to be clear and realistic, and your credibility will be unquestionable.

One page business plan for nonprofits is one of the hardest to write. Nonprofit companies do not have any revenue, as they serve the higher purposes, such us helping bereaved or sick people, animals, kids, orphans, or protecting someone’s rights, etc. However, they still need donors to fund their mission. It is important for such projects to be or get recognizable and likable in media and among the masses. Therefore, attention needs to be focused on a number of people who will receive help, the reliability, and dedication of the team.

Some one-page plans are being written for sales. They may either predict future sales or be a strategy for their increase. The main things to be included are market analysis, customers’ overview, competitive advantages, and financials. The plan has to aim for actual results and overview the milestones.

Many entrepreneurs write one-page project plans for themselves. This is a smart move, as it helps to get a big image of the project and analyze it faster. It is the situation when it is up to the entrepreneur how to structure the paper and what to include. However, it still has to be neat and understandable to update it easily when the time comes.

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Writing plans is extremely important in order to figure out and maintain an effective business strategy for your company. Generally speaking, BP writing means doing some calculations in regard to financial development, the growing popularity of a company’s products and/or services, realization and success of upcoming projects, various programs for the future, and so on.

Noting such data is simply necessary, because this information becomes some kind of a base that helps your project exist and evolve, and it makes your company’s name recognizable, its products and/or services current. Basically, if your goal is to be successful in what you do, writing the best business plan and implementing it should become an essential part of your life from now on.

Most of the time BP writing does not happen to be exclusive. It means that such custom written papers are rarely prepared for someone in particular. Usually, the companies write it for each other, and sometimes it is even appropriate to share the finished or semi-finished work with others.

Also, it is clear that business plan assignment for university is not a rare case. Teaching specialists in certain spheres, some facilities try preparing students for being entrepreneurs, and not just workers in the specific fields. And while business plans for college students are rather uncommon assignments, there are multiple programs like BBA & MBA that request their students to create such projects for alleged companies. That is why we are here, ready to help everyone, whether student or entrepreneur, who needs professional academic paper help.


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You may have an innovative and superior idea, but the ugly truth is that the world cannot care less. People are busy living their own lives and running their own companies, and an idea is hardly something that can make their worlds stop spinning. However, a nice project or a great plan is. Why is there a difference?

Imagine a person, who has a Ph.D. in literature, and who you barely know, told you he wants to build a spaceship. You would think he is out of his mind and has no real goals in life. But what if that person came up to you with a blueprint and precise calculations made by professional physicists and mathematicians saying that he only needs materials and knows where to find them? You would definitely become interested.

For potential partners, investors, and other people in the niche, your idea may sound as crazy as a spaceship building. However, if you show that you know exactly how to implement it and make it work in practice, they will start taking it seriously and can even help you execute it. Hence, if you have a well-defined idea, the only thing that can make it real is a good business plan.

People with amazing ideas have always been the ones who made a change. However, a modern world has its own requirements, and nowadays, having an idea is not enough. It is important to be strong, competitive and know how to make your plans work. Also, it is vital to have your every action written on paper.

If you do not feel like you can make a good research, accurate financial calculations, or you just want to start your business faster, there is no need to make a pig’s ear of a plan, as there is a way to do it both quickly and qualitatively.

The experts will gladly help you to put your idea on the paper, and prepare a great implementation plan that you can adjust in the process. You will be able to communicate with a specialist and discuss possible ways of presenting each section in a paper or a presentation. If you already have a business plan, but you are not sure it is appealing or includes a precise data, offers a great editorial service, which will help even the plainest plan become polished and classy. You may not worry about your personal information or project details, as we keep all of the data private and never disclose it to any third parties. We have very strict policies, and our writers will not be able to use or publish your work under any circumstances.


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